Sledding at Harp Jan 15, 2017

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The view on the way up – that’s North Barrier Lake below

Eric standing beside his sled with Dunn Peak in the background

The old sheep herder’s cabin

Harp mountain

Harp mountain

Heading back to the truck at the end of the day

Update #2 for Summer 2012

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So after camping at LLJ, I returned to work for 2 weeks before taking some more vacation. After that, we headed to Vernon for Dad’s 78th birthday in early August. We left the dog with Dad & Mom and continued south to Omak WA where we cut across on Highway 20 to Burlington for 3 nights – here’s the route we took. After that, we headed up I5 which turns into 99 and waited in a lineup for an hour to get through the Massey Fergusen tunnel. I love driving on a freeway when the car is not moving. Anyways, we finally made it to the hotel in Richmond where we would spend our next 4 nights.


Update #1 for Summer 2012

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It seems like just yesterday that the girls left for Calgary in the last week of June while I held down the fort at TRU. When the girls came back, we headed to Fereral Way (July 9-16) so we could shop (well the girls shopped, I drank beer back in the motel room 😉 and also take a day trip to Mt St Helens. After we got back, Rachel and I decided to head to Lac Le Jeune camping, Sundee and Sarah stayed home as Sarah wasn’t feeling well.

Here are the pics


It’s been a REALLY REALLY long time since my last post

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Bad Pete, I should be doing updates way more frequently. So where do I start? I guess it would be where I left off – Dad and I got the garden shed to ‘lock up’ stage. A week later, we left for California – everyone had a blast!

The Inglis family visits Mickey at the studio

First we went to Disneyland and then we went to visit Rick, Laura and Damiano. They were very gracious and have a beautiful house in the hills of Riverside with a hot tub and a pool. Where the heck the next 2 months went, I’m not sure. I know we went camping a few times, Sundee and the girls went to Invermere and next thing I knew, BAM! kids are back to school. That’s it, next summer I’m taking the whole summer off!

Time for my monthly update…

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Well, since my last post we bought a camper (’93 Cascade 8.5 foot with a potty ;):


and Dad & I built a garden shed, here are the pics:

Garden Shed Project 2008

Well, I should have a BUNCH of pics in a few weeks – we fly to Disneyland tomorrow for a week, then to visit cousin Rick and his family for another week and then home. Should be a blast…

Playground and Haircut

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I helped with the assembly of the playground equipment at Juniper Ridge Elementary. I dressed warm as it was close to freezing and there was a nasty wind coming from the west all day. We needed to dig a few more holes – it was tough getting through the 4 inches of frost. Luckily, the blowing snow wasn’t worse in the morning – the weather picked up over the day and when the pics were shot it was a balmy +5C…

The new playground equipment

I added the kids initials at the base (left side) of the sun thingy

Added kids initials to wet cement

Kids initials in the cement

Sarah kept asking to have all her hair cut off so Sunde took her to the salon and got them to give her a pixie cut – she was very happy!

Sarah’s new doo

Sarah’s new doo, side shot

Well, more updates later – I’m within 2 months of being up to date now.

Annual trip to Green Mountain

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We go to Green once a year, sometimes twice and usually in the spring. We went last Wed Mar 12/08 – here’s the pics:


Merry Christmas!

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Well, it was total chaos this morning – everything was done by 9am MST (8am PST). Fun was had by all though,

Opening the first present

Opening another present

The kids helping Mommy open her new slippers

Believe it or not - we had cleaned up a little just before this was taken

Sarah’s new toy

Rachel’s new toy

Happy kids

Christmas in Cowtown

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Well, we survived the drive last Saturday (Dec 22/07) – it snowed pretty much from the time we left home all the way til Canmore (about an hour west of Calgary) at varying degrees. Been kicking back taking it easy – had a hot tub today and hoping to catch a glimpse of Mars which is supposed to be huge, take the dogs for a walk to look at the pretty lights and go for another hot tub when it’s dark and cooler. Here’s a few pics from the past couple days:

The Christmas tree - Cowtown ‘07

Sydney playing the piano

Rachel wrestling with Spaz

Sarah helping Sydney play the piano

Critters making the gingerbread house

Crazy kids high on sugar

Fern, Sundee and Sarah enjoying a hot tub

More to come tomorrow – Merry Christmas!

Holy Cow!

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Holy cow, where did THAT 2 months go??? I will post some pics in the next evening or 2 but nothing groundshaking has happened since my last post. Well, maybe a couple things but you’ll have to email me to find out what they are.

Trying to set up a link for the weather in Kamloops but not having much luck as the only way to get back here is to click the back button.

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