Alrighty then, I’ll start from where I left off. Claire’s party was a hoot, the kids went swimming (there was a couple old kids in the pool too which I won’t post pics of ūüėȬ† After that, we had beers (the big kids), supper and then cake.



¬†The next day, we went for a drive to Harper Lake. I found it from the Forestry web site while doing a search for recreational campsites in the area. The road was a lot bumpier than I thought which didn’t impress Sundee but once we got there, we spent some time walking and then drove to the other end. It was a neat little lake though, I may head back with the boys when we do our mountainbiking weekend in September.



After that, we headed to Invermere to spend some time with Fern,¬†Kelvin, Taylor & Sidney. We didn’t do a lot except relax, eat and drink so time went slowly which was a nice change.

Here the kids, dogs, Sundee and I are about to head out for a walk:


Check out the backdrop of the playground at the school:


After visiting with the in-laws, we headed back to the Okanagan to have a visit with Sundee’s Mom, my Dad & Mom and also pick up the truck and camper. It was Dad’s birthday while we were in Invermere and the cards we sent didn’t get there when they were supposed to so he saved them and let the girls help him open them


The next day we headed out to the farm to get the truck and camper. I snapped this pic of Mom taking Rachel for a bikeride – I have to get it blown up, it’s a good one:


After that we headed home – Sundee and Spaz in the van, the kids and I in the truck and camper. We had a little incedent with a tire but everything worked out as it aways seems to. Here’s the camper in the driveway, waiting for us to take it to Paul Lake this weekend:


If we ever move, I’m sure going to miss the sunsets.


Well, 2 bikerides over the last 2 days – I’m beat. Oh, today Murray and I made it up to the tower where the fire was a couple posts ago. I can’t believe they got it put out as quick as they did, what used to be a forest floor covered with pine needles and cones was burned right down to the gravel. I forgot to bring the camera though, hopefully I’ll remember next time. Murray told me what the retardant was made of when I asked if it was poisonous – I think he said water, clay and red dye number 5 (he may have had his tongue in his cheek I think). If I remember the camera next time, I’ll take some pics of the fence around¬†tower with the red retardant on it, it was pretty neat looking.