I helped with the assembly of the playground equipment at Juniper Ridge Elementary. I dressed warm as it was close to freezing and there was a nasty wind coming from the west all day. We needed to dig a few more holes – it was tough getting through the 4 inches of frost. Luckily, the blowing snow wasn’t worse in the morning – the weather picked up over the day and when the pics were shot it was a balmy +5C…

The new playground equipment

I added the kids initials at the base (left side) of the sun thingy

Added kids initials to wet cement

Kids initials in the cement

Sarah kept asking to have all her hair cut off so Sunde took her to the salon and got them to give her a pixie cut – she was very happy!

Sarah’s new doo

Sarah’s new doo, side shot

Well, more updates later – I’m within 2 months of being up to date now.