It’s been a while since my last post…

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I had to work last week so I didn’t get any updates done. Grama and Grampa had the kids and Sundee was working full days since her boss was on vacation. Grama and Grampa brought the kids back Thursday afternoon and then headed out this morning. We’re sure lucky they’re able to watch the kids for us, the kids always have fun with them. We went and picked apricots from where I work and then topped up the gas in the van. After that we brought some groceries which included some fresh cherries from Oliver BC (see pics).

 Rachel eating cherries

Sarah eating cherries

Well, I’m off to have a shower and then we’re off to visit Don, Dianne and Claire. Dianne is having a get together for Claire since it’s her birthday next week. I’ll take the camera – we may have some interesting pictures tomorrow…


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention – we had a scare last week. It looked like a piece of logging equipment that’s logging Peterson Creek caught fire and then there was a small forest fire. They got on it right away though and it was out by bedtime.

Peterson Creek Forest Fire

Peterson Creek Forest Fire

Went out for supper last night

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We decided to go out for supper last night, the costs involved were 1 bag of 8 whole wheat hot dog buns, 1 eight pack of Top Dog Weiners, a bag of Cheezies and a bag of Ms. Vickies Lime & Black Pepper chips. Fun was had by all, the oldest didn’t want to leave.

Out for supper

Thought for the day

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“Handle every situation like a dog.

Jas the Dog

If you can’t Eat it or Screw it,

Piss on it and Walk Away.”

Another lazy summer day…

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Another warm summer day at home with the kids, a wicked pot of coffee, a dog that doesn’t stop barking when you tell her to, lots of chores to do and rain in the forecast…

Here’s a couple pics from the holidays last week:


Sarah at the playground

Sunset at Fairmont Hot Springs

The falls at Fairmont Hot Springs

Rachel & her flowers

Sunset over the Purcells

Purcell Mountains

Purcell Mountains 2

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